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How to Structure a Comparison Essay

Most students think that a comparison essay is an easy task to complete. Do not be fooled, many comparison essays fail due to bad essay structure. This guide will assist you in structuring your comparison essay the right way.

There are two common ways to structure your comparison essay:
1. Subject by subject method
2. Point by point method

Subject by subject method

Start out by writing everything you can about your first subject in a section of its own. This section can be just one paragraph or many paragraphs depending on the topics and essay length. Essay typer

Now move on to a new section where you will put down all the explanations you have on the second subject of the comparison essay. The second subject should also be in its own section consisting of at least one paragraph. Who Invented homework

For the final section will compare and analyze both of the subjects at the same time. Once again this section can be one or more paragraphs depending on the length and difficulty of the topics.

Subject by subject tip

If you do choose to use this structure, be sure not to end up simply just stating facts about your two subjects. Take an analytical approach, reflect on the differences as well as the similarities and state why these are significant.

Point by point Method

Instead of addressing one subject at a time, you will take one point of comparison and contrast at a time and discuss both subjects. When using this method each point will have its own section where you will discuss both subjects. In your final conclusion, you will pick up on your investigation and the observations you have made. Write my Essay

When using the point by point method the very last point you will present is the one your reader will be left with. For this very reason it makes the most sense to finish off with the most vital point.

Final tips for selecting your essay topics

In order to have topics to compare and contrast you need to choose topics with basic similarities. You could choose to base your essay on two different ways to lose weight, two movies in the same genre, etc.

When you have selected your topics to base your essay on, we need to brainstorm. Take your two topics and jot down all the points you can think of to compare and contrast. Go through your list and select the ideas that will make the best discussion.


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